Watch List

Key legislation that passed this session:

H. 3516 SC Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act  (ACT 40)

The bill will provide roughly $630 million in recurring funds (once fully implemented) and includes SCDOT reform and tax relief. 

Veto Overidden by Legislature.  House (95-18)  Senate (32-12)

Effective Date: 7/1/17 (Dates vary by section)

Funding Components:

Increase the fuel tax by 12 cents over the next six years (2 cents per year)

Increase biennial registration fees on private passenger vehicles by $16

Impose an “Infrastructure Maintenance Fee” upon the purchase of a motor vehicle (capped at $500) This increases/replaces the current $300 sales tax/cap on motor vehicles.  

Impose a one-time $250 fee for anyone who transfers a motor vehicle from another state. 

Creates new registration fees for alternative vehicles: $120 for vehicles powered by anything other than motor fuel; and $60 for hybrid vehicles. 

Rolls the truck property tax into the IRP for out-of-state IRP-registered fleets (Several other beneficial provisions for SC-based fleets and CMVs >26,000 GVW; full explanations forthcoming.)

SCDOT Governance:

9-member commission: 7 representing the congressional districts, 2 at-large; all appointed by the governor.

The 7 congressional appointments are confirmed by the congressional delegation members from both the House and Senate.

The 2 at-large appointments must be approved with the advice and consent of both the House and Senate 

All 9 commissioners serve at the will of the governor.

Tax Rebate & Credits:

Creates tax rebates to offset S.C. residents paying a higher gas tax and driving fees, 

Earned income tax credit

Two wage earner tax credit

Tuition tax credits 

Manufacturing, business personal property tax reduction

Full details of the components of the plan can be found here.

H.3358  Real ID  (ACT 6) 

Primary Sponsor:  Rep. Rita Allison

Requires SC to comply with federal law regarding REAL ID driver's licenses.  It is important to note that residents are not required to get a REAL ID; however,  without the REAL ID-compliant card, passport or other federally approved identification, state residents won’t be able to board a commercial flight or enter a secured federal facility, such as a military base of federal courthouse, after Oct. 1, 2020.

Passed House (100-3)  Passed Senate (40-0)

Signed by Governor 4/5/17

Effective Date: 5/10/17

H.3289  Platooning  (ACT 66)

Primary Sponsor:  Rep. Garry Smith

The bill would prohibit the imposition of “following too closely” citations to automated vehicle platoons.

Passed House (92-0)  Passed Senate (38-2)

Signed by Governor 5/19/17

Effective Date: 7/1/17


H.3247  Mopeds  (ACT 89)

Primary Sponsor: Rep. Bill Crosby

H3247, (RAT#99) the bill that defines mopeds and regulates operating hours and license requirements and includes the following provisions:

Requires a moped operator to be at least 15 years old and restricts the time of day operators younger than 16 years old may operate a moped without supervision;

Requires a moped to be registered with the S.C. Division of Motor Vehicles and carry a state-issued license tag; and

Excludes mopeds from the state's ignition interlock requirement for those who have been convicted of DUI. 

Passed House (75-29)  Passed Senate (36-0)

Signed by Governor 5/19/17

Effective Date:  18 months after Governor's signature.

H. 4033 Work Zone Safety (ACT 81)

Primary Sponsor:  Rep. Bill Hixon

The bill aims to improve the highway safety of drivers and highway workers by cracking down on speeding in work zones and stiffens penalties for motorists driving recklessly near highway workers and emergency personnel.

Anyone speeding in a work zone can face up to a $1,000 dollar fine. If a worker is hit and injured, the fine jumps to $2,000 dollars.

The number of points that person gets on their license will also be increased.

Speeding in a work zone is 2 points If a worker is injured, 4 points, and if the worker suffers great bodily harm, 6 points.

Passed House (98-0)  Passed Senate (42-0)

Signed by Governor 5/19/17

Effective Date: 5/19/17