Membership Benefits


Membership in the SCTA is a sensible business investment, plain and simple. Whether you're a motor carrier, private carrier, individual owner/operator, or industry supplier, the South Carolina Trucking Association will work working constantly to promote your interests by providing you with the information, resources, and support you need to maintain a healthy, growing business. 

With membership in the SCTA, you will receive immediate returns on your investment in several ways:

Information Services

Your membership includes subscriptions to the following publications, which provide all the trucking-related news and information available in the state of South Carolina. You'll receive news on current events, legislative activities, government rules, compliance regulations, safety practices, sister states' reports, public policy issues, and industry highlights.

Trucking South Carolina - SCTA Weekly Newsletter

Capitol Report - Weekly Legislative Update (During Session) and E-mail alerts on legislative initiatives & calls to action!

Government Representation

How can you make your voice heard in the South Carolina legislature? SCTA’s lobbyists represent you by maintaining daily contact with legislators and promoting your interests at every available opportunity. Periodic "Capitol Reports" keep you updated on pending legislation and SCTA’s stand on the issues. For more information on our governmental relations program, please visit the legislative portion of our webpage.

Consulting Services

Need immediate, individual help with a specific safety topic? Getting Ready for an Audit? For a nominal fee, SCTA’s Compliance Associate can provide consulting and professional advice. Learn more about our consulting services!


Educate yourself and your staff by attending SCTA's business and safety seminars. These events are held throughout the year, seminars are presented by industry professionals on a wide range of topics. Check the Events Page and the Trucking South Carolina weekly newsletter for information and schedules regarding our workshops and seminars.

Employee Benefits Package

Health, Life and Dental, Short & Long Term Disability
SCTA Insurance Services Unit
Scott Woodberry, 803-799-4306
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Retirement / Employee Benefits
First Sun Employee Benefits, Inc.
Gene Rudisill, 803-799-6101
Learn more about our insurance services.

SCTA Member Directory

SCTA's Member Directory gives our members access to a comprehensive listing of all our member companies; each entry includes a business contact, an address, and a telephone and fax number. Use this valuable information to establish a communication network with industry decision makers. Members can receive a printed copy, an Excel spreadsheet, mailing labels of the directory or access the directory here.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance Materials

The Association offers a variety of compliance forms, including Vehicle Condition Report books and the publications you need to conform with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Same-day product shipment, invoicing services, and members-only product discounts are services that will save you both time and money. Check out the SCTA Store.

Ready to Become a Member?

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about membership, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will happily send more information about the benefits of being an SCTA member. We also encourage you to tell us what we as an association can do to better serve and promote your interests. Visit our application page to get started!