Watch List

These are only a few of the bills SCTA is following this legislative session...

Road Funding Legislation

H. 3516 SC Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act

Primary Sponsor:  Rep. Gary Simrill

The bill as written would implement the following funding mechanisms for roads:

  • Increase the fuel tax by 10 cents over the next five years (2 cents per year)
  • Increase biennial registration fees on private passenger vehicles by $16
  • Impose a “Infrastructure Maintenance Fee” upon the purchase of a motor vehicle (capped at $500) This replaces the current sales tax/cap on motor vehicles.  There would also be a $250 fee for anyone who transfers a motor vehicle from another state.  
  • Creates new registration fees for alternative vehicles: $160 for vehicles powered by anything other than motor fuel; and $60 for hybrid vehicles. 
  • Increases the sales tax cap to $500 for all other equipment currently subject to the sales tax (i.e. trailers/semi-trailers, planes, boats, etc.)
  • Imposes a “Road Use Fee” on motor carriers, which is NOT a new fee, it simply rolls the current property tax on motor carriers into the registration process – and the IRP so it can be collected from out-of-state fleets.  
S.54 S.C. Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act

Primary Sponsor:  Senator Sean Benett

  • Increase motor fuel user fee by 12 cents (phased in over 3 years) and index to the CPI (capped at 2 cents per year; suspends index if NC/GA rates fall below SC)
  • Increase driver’s license fees 100% (5-year license $25/10-year license $50)
  • Increases biennial vehicle registration fees $16 across the board ($16 goes to the State Highway Fund.)
  • Increases the vehicle sales tax to $600 (with revenues going to the State Highway Fund)
  • Road Use Fee for Motor Carriers (Property Tax rolled into IFTA/IRP – same as the H.3516)
  • Provides for income tax reductions on individuals and businesses.


S.58  Port Enhancement Zone Tax Credits

Primary Sponsor:  Senator John Matthews

Provides tax credits for entities creating 50+ jobs in a "port enhancement zone" and provides for the definition of such zone. Establishes additional criteria for receiving such credit.

H. 3650 SC Business License Tax Standardization Act

Primary Sponsor:  Rep. Bill Sandifer

  • Requires that business license fees be based on adjusted gross income.
  • Creation of a standardized business license application as well as a uniform license for display.  
  • Creates a 9 member “Business License Class Schedule Board” board charged with determining license class schedules. 
  • Creates seven rate classes that are standard across the State. Although, counties or municipalities would be given the discretion to establish the tax rates within each respective class to make up for any lost profits as a result of the standardization.
  • Gives the responsibility of the Secretary of State’s Office to oversee the collection of business license fees through a central filing location online.  A third-party payment processor ( would collect the fees submitted through the online portal and would distribute the funds to counties and municipalities.  Business are not required to use the online method and may still file locally.
  • Changes the current appeals process to allow for the petitioner to pay only 80% of a disputed fee and would also allow parties to have an “official conference” as an opportunity to resolve the dispute before going through the legal system.

Highway & Traffic Issues

S.197  Mopeds

Primary Sponsor:  Senator Greg Hembree

Defines mopeds as vehicles and establishes licensing requirements and penalties for drivers.  (Similar to H.3247)

H.3289  Platooning

Primary Sponsor:  Rep. Garry Smith

The bill would prohibit the imposition of “following too closely” citations to automated vehicle platoons.