Truck Drivers Urge Motorists to View Video

September 06, 2016

Truckers Launch truck/car safety video, urge car drivers of all ages to take 8 minutes to view

The American Trucking Associations has launched a road-sharing video, and is encouraging all motorists to take a few minutes to view it.

The “Share the Road” eight-minute video addresses the 21st century’s most prevalent dangerous driving habit – distracted driving, along with the various blind spots and other operational characteristics unique to large trucks. According to professional truck drivers, eating, drinking or watching videos while driving can be just as hazardous as texting and are done by motorists of all ages. 

South Carolina Trucking Association President Rick Todd says his group will distribute it, particularly to schools and drivers’ education classes throughout the state. “All drivers - whether beginners, college students, soccer moms, or senior citizens – can pick up a valuable safety tip by taking just a few minutes to see what these professional truck drivers have to share.”

The full Share the Road Instructional Video is available online. 

Tips from the video include: 

•         Recognize blind spots: All four sides of the tractor-trailer have a blind spot. A good rule of thumb is “If you can’t see the driver’s face, the driver can’t see you.”

•         Wear your safety belt: Seat belts save lives. Day or night, front seat or back seat – wearing a safety belt can save your life. 

•         Slow Down: Chances of a crash nearly triple when driving faster than the surrounding traffic. 

•         Be alert in work zones: The spring and summer seasons are when work zones are most common. Reduce speeds and pay close attention to barriers and workers when traveling through these zones.

•         Keep your eyes on the road: Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic accidents. A car traveling at 60 miles per hour covers more than 500 feet in 6 seconds – even texting the word “Ok” is a major risk. Do not text and drive. 

•         Maintain a safe following distance: vehicles traveling too closely behind trucks may not be able to recognize changes in the flow of traffic and will be unable to make quick stops or avoid debris.

•         Do not cut in front of large trucks: Trucks are heavier and take longer to make a complete stop, so avoid cutting directly in front of them.

•         Prepare your vehicle for long distance travel: Check your wipers and fluids before departing on a trip. Have your radiator and cooling system regularly serviced. Simple maintenance can save lives and prevent motorists from being stranded.

•         Leave early and avoid taking risks: Anxiety can be greatly reduced by leaving early for a long trip. Road conditions may change due to inclement weather or traffic congestion.