Military CDL Skills Test Waiver

April 11, 2014

Beginning Monday, April 14, 2014, SC is making it easier for military personnel with experience driving CMVs to receive their civilian CDLs.

With the use of a Form DL-408A, individuals can apply for a skills test waiver. The waiver does not eliminate the need to complete the knowledge test, the medical examination, or other federally mandated requirements. Military personnel who are interested in applying should note the following:

  • You must be active military personnel or within 90 days after separation of military service;
  • You must have served in a military position requiring the operation of a military CMV who:
    • 3,000 miles or more as an individual whose secondary skill was a truck driver
    • Or 1,000 miles or more as an individual who primary skill specialty (MOS, AFSC or SCP) was a truck driver;
  • You and your commanding officer must sign the waiver;
  • You must have a valid South Carolina driver’s license and cannot have held more than one other license within the past two years; and,
  • Your license cannot have been suspended, revoked, cancelled or disqualified during the previous two years.

SCTA has been working closely with the SC Department of Motor Vehicles and the SC National Guard over the past several months to make this a reality. We hope that our members will take advantage of encouraging military personnel to use this to their advantage and hiring those who have served South Carolina and our country proudly.

Download the waiver below!

(A special thank you to the following for participating on the committee with SCDMV to make this a reality: Jeremy Godwin, N. W. White & Co.; Kathryn Britt and Chris Reynolds, Southeastern Freight Lines.)